Scan Georgia

The ScanGeorgia group was created as a result of the positive responses received, due to an apparent need for responsible monitoring and non-public sharing of sensitive radio monitoring information.

This will not be a place to engage in illegal activities, such as trying to break encryption codes and so forth (though feel free to discuss it if you want to) Encryption is out there, and we will not help it along here, as we will be keeping our information low key, and not blabbering everything out there for everyone with a homepatrol scanner to download from the big box and similar wannabe sites.

When you register with ScanGeorgia, we ask that you please list your name (a first name is fine) your normal “base” location, and monitoring location if different. If you plan to use a county for your location, please include the nearest city as well. (IE; “Monroe” is a city in Georgia, could be confused as “Monroe county” so please indicate if you are posting a county or city of) We ask that this be placed in your profile so it will show up each time you post to the forums. This helps us know where you may have heard a particular transmission when posting logs. Please keep in mind, we are not asking for your personal or sensitive information, but we would like to know who you are, and why you want to be here before we let you in. This will be in place to help protect the integrity and security of our information, and the sources theorf. We will not allow members to take any information from our site and share it with other sites or otherwise repost it. Not only is that stealing, but it also helps promote departments to go “under” and encrypt their radio traffic, as now they can do a “google” search, and see all their departments radio information right there for all to see. (The News media, Gadfly types, criminals, etc. are terrible abusers of this) Here, we plan to keep our database, and our sensitive discussion boards, private, and you will be asked to choose a user name, and password, tell us why you want in, and will need to be approved by the founding members here before you are allowed to access the sensitive areas. This will not be a “rules” based site/forum, but we will do our best to ensure our integrity with the information here is protected. Hopefully none of this will run any prospective good members off, but if it does, then maybe they don’t share our same outlook and beliefs with the safety and security of the information our members generously post, that they have concerns about posting elsewhere. Remember, we will not allow just anyone in, to simply enjoy our member contributed information, without anything in return. This is a member supported site, and if you want to receive the premium milk we will provide, then you will be asked to help milk the cow on occasion.

This site will be free for all users, meaning there will be no membership costs, or user fee. But it is not “Free” for me to host or maintain. I will have a “Donation” button placed on the website, and if you feel this is something worthwhile to contribute to, I would appreciate whatever you could do to help with the website design, hosting and maintenance. If not, then that’s fine too, it is not a requirement, just a kindly request.

ScanGeorgia is planned to be “live and on the air” this fall, and I certainly hope we can continue to attract the professional, contributing, and honest members we have already managed to do with the GeorgiaScan yahoo group. This website will be where our Yahoogroup will transition to, over time. Unfortunately, the Yahoo group is not always working properly, and is somewhat cumbersome at times. By having our discussion forums, with different areas for different areas of interest, having different tiers of membership, and by having our database all located in one place, should make this a whole lot easier to navagate, search and contribute to. Please keep in mind, I am sure we will have bugs to work out, and the transition may not be as smooth as we hope, but we will keep the Yahoogroup (GeorgiaScan) in place until after this website is up and going good.

I do appreciate you taking the time to read this, and if anyone has any suggestions, opinions, complaints, concerns, input or information they could share to help make this better, please email me at: and I will get back with you.

I am looking forward to the debut of what promises to be the best, most accurate and trusted Georgia monitoring website, and I hope you are too.

Remember, at ScanGeorgia, we believe in Quality over quantity.